Friday, December 04, 2009

Cut Taxes, Forget More Stimulus: Malone's Job Fix - ABC News

Cut Taxes, Forget More Stimulus: Malone's Job Fix - ABC News

This is a rather wordy article that actually makes some sense and, my liberal friends, is wasn't written by Fox News.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Health 'Reform' Gets a Failing Grade -

Jeffrey S. Flier: Health 'Reform' Gets a Failing Grade -

This whole health care debate is just a bunch of crazies throwing jabs at each other.
Here's what I think should be done ....... if we want real reform.
Take it all away from business owners. Period. Don't make them do the dirty work and don't tax them if we don't provide insurance!!!!!

Tax every person who has income. The tax may be $300.00 or $500.00 or $800.00 per month.
Limit tort. Everyone makes mistakes, even doctors. Have maximum amount people are allowed to sue.
Let doctors make more money than auto workers. If we want good doctors we will have to pay them.
Let all US citizens go the the doctor with a $50.00 per visit cost.
All else paid for with the tax dollars.
Let it stand on it's own.

This is really over simplified, but I think if we get less people involved in the implementation, it might go better. You tax individuals so they know what it costs. Mose employees have no idea what health insurance costs.

My two cents worth.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

UPDATE 1-Ford rises, Chrysler falters in key quality survey | Industries | Consumer Goods & Retail | Reuters

I still am trying to figure out why the US companies can't or won't make reliable cars. At least Ford and Mercury are making an attempt with cars near the top. Glad I drive a Ford and my wife drives a Mercury. I still can't see buying an import, especially when the closest import dealer is 45 miles away from my home. I might be tempted if they were closer.

UPDATE 1-Ford rises, Chrysler falters in key quality survey | Industries | Consumer Goods & Retail | Reuters

Friday, October 23, 2009

Apple Walnut Gorgonzola Rustic Tart Recipe | Simply Recipes

This is a seasonal dish that looks and sounds fantastic. I might try a little soft vanilla ice cream with it.

Apple Walnut Gorgonzola Rustic Tart Recipe | Simply Recipes

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7

Is Microsoft really changing? Sounds like it. We are deciding what to buy right now. I-Mac or a new Windows 7 machine? I-Mac just introduced an upgraded model yesterday. This will be a tough decision. The Mac is a lot more money, but......... Click the title for a link about Windows 7.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Health Care? Who Cares?

The health care argument continues. The bickering continues. On and on and on. I'm almost to the point of who cares.
Being a business owner, who has had to deal with 10% plus increases for the last 10 years and wondering how I will ever be able to keep my employees in insurance, I'm ready for something better. Who know what that is? I don't.
How about we all pay taxes through the nose and let big government just take over. Issue every citizen of the US an i.d. card. We go to the Dr., show the card, get the service, have the Dr. bill us for the balance that big brother doesn't pay and that's it. The individual would be responsible for the balance. Take it completely out of the business owners hands. That would free up some help and save a bunch of paper work.
IS HE CRAZY? You ask? Without a doubt! I"m crazy mad, I'm crazy disappointed, I'm crazy because I'm to the point that I don't know if it's even worth caring anymore. Yes my friends, I'm crazy sad. I'm crazy disillusioned. Wondering why I even try.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Picures of Otis. Lots of them!

Hi everyone from sunny and cool Edgerton Ohio.
Erica and Steve finally found a smidgen of time to upload the many pictures they have been taking of Otis. With a new baby, time is at a premium and I'm really glad they carved out a bit to share with us. Thanks Erica and Steve.
Diana spoke with Erica last night and all are doing well. Otis had a good weight gain last week and is eating more than before (as expected). He no longer hates his baths; that is a good thing! For the 1st four weeks or so he screamed like crazy whenever he had a bath. We don't know why he had the change in attitude, but they are thankful he did. Otis is also starting to sleep longer now, so the parents are too.
It's wonderful being the Grand Parent of the cutest baby the family has seen in 56 years, 11 months. I just hope he grows up to be as modest as I am.

Just click on the title above to see all the pictures.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Can Bill Gates stop hurricanes?

Can Bill Gates Stop Hurricanes???? Many think of him as a god, but let's face it, he is not. It sounds like a good idea but..............
Check your the link.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sugar, Sugar! Sugar Everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read the linked article! We are all fat and getting fatter. One cause..........Sugar! It's not just fat we need to worry about. It's stuff we eat every day, many times not knowing we are consuming so much sugar.

Something Windows 7 .........

This is an interesting article. Rarely do I see an article critical of Mac OS and favoring Windows. Go Windows 7.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Otis and Diana

Facebook | Home
This links to my Facebook. I couldn't get it to download on the blog. This works.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Video of Otis, Our new Grandson

Well, this old boy became a Grandfather on July 19th, 2009. This is my first one I'm pretty excited. His first name is Otis and his middle name is Henry. Otis is Steve's Grandfather's name and Henry is my middle name and my Grandfather's middle name. Click on the title above for a Youtube video of Otis at about eight days old. He looks pretty good not to mention darned handsome. It's a pretty cool video complete with hiccups and pooping sounds. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keith Dewolf Quote

Life may teach us patience and all things in moderation but I suspect we are still the same people we have always been. Logical when we have to be, and impulsive lunatics when the mood strikes us for some fun. - Keith DeWolf

A quote from my old friend. Posted on his Facebook.

He never used to be right, but with improved age, patience and moderation, he is nearly right on this one. :) He knows I used to be an impulsive lunatic, usually with his help and encouragement. When we smell fun, lunacy happens.

with my advancing age and a couple of surgeries my impulses are quite a bit slower. But here's what has to happen, I'm going to have to get younger again so Otis Tootle knows a bit about his grandpa's impulsive lunacy. You're not cool to a child unless you are a little crazy. There are some who say I'm more than a little crazy. True. I guess where I am lacking is just the impulsive part of the equation. I can work on that.

Thanks DeWolf, you've done it again! I'm feeling a little impulsive lunacy coming on. Just in time for the great hillbilly reunion in West Virginia!

Friday, July 10, 2009

15 Foods To Help You Lose

Here is an interesting article on loosing weight.

15 Foods To Help You Lose

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fathers Day, Oh Fathers Day.....

This was a strange one for me. The traditional fathers day was gone. Normally we would have gone to my dad's or Diana's dad's for fathers day. My Dad passed away in September. God finally let him go out to play again.

This year we went to Minneapolis to be with my son Wade. We had a wonderful time. We went to a live musical "Savanna or Change", we went to the movie "Up", we went to the Science Museum and saw the Titanic display and movie, we ate at strange restaurants, and we hung out together. It was a great weekend. Thank you Wade.

Erica sent me a mushy fathers day card. Usually she sends me a funny one. I'm all about funny cards, but this year the mushy one was right. I was missing my Dad and needed propped up. I needed to feel the love this year especially. Thank you Erica.

Both my kids showed me the love and respect we like, but don't always feel we deserve. I wasn't the perfect Dad, but did the best I could all things considered. I was impatient, I was selfish, I was always busy at work or golfing. Do you know what's great about time? People forget the bad and remember the good old times. I am so thankful for that.

I was driving back from Cambridge City Indiana yesterday, taking all the small state roads, not the busy ones. I was thinking about how I love to do that. Then it dawned on me.....Dad did that all the time. It brings me joy to drive the road less traveled and see many of the things most people miss. Then when the road I was on crossed US24 I thought right down there is where Reynold Rhemke's daughter used to live. Dad did a lot of work for Reynold and also some for his daughter. I remember riding there with Dad to look at a job we had to bid. I had a really happy day yesterday, I was with Dad again, just for a minute, but he was right there with me, about 20 years ago. He was healthy and vibrant, full of confidence, telling me all about what we were going to do for the Rhemke's. It was so real I even said out load "You won't believe what they are doing to 24 now." , but he was gone already when I looked over to see his reaction.
What a pleasant drive. What a nice memory. What a wonderful fathers day I had. Thank you God for my Father.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amazing Grace/House of the Rising Sun.2

Here is another link for the song with only Amazing Grace Lyrics. Enjoy

Amazing Grace/House of the Rising Sun

Here is a link to an interesting version of the hymn Amazing Grace mixed with The House of the Rising Sun. We are thinking of doing this in our church. This is a you tube link. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Then What!

How will our country ever got out of the huge debt we are amassing? We are in for high inflation, high interest rates and a general lowering in our standard of living. I am an eternal optimist and I will survive, but there are a lot of people who sincerely believe that the government will save them. What they don't understand about socialism is.......... sooner or later you run out of other peoples money to take care of you. Then what?

Monday, March 16, 2009

April Fool's Day

April 1st is always a day of tricks and trying to fool people. When I was a kid, I used to put salt in the sugar bowl before my sisters would come down for breakfast. That way they would salt their cereal instead of sugaring it. It was a lot of fun to see them take that first bite. I’d always get in trouble with Mom, but I didn't care, I got my sisters before they got me. Life was really good when that happened! When you grew up with three sisters you had to get up early to survive!

Of course the common April Fools tricks now are; your fly is down, or what’s that spot on your shirt, or your shoe is untied, or did you hear, the stock market dropped 300 points today, or did you hear, GM lost 9.6 billion dollars last quarter and might file bankruptcy!

Oh wait, those last two aren’t so funny are they. In these bad economic times we must keep a sense of humor, even though some days we might not feel like it. April Fool's Day is a day to have fun and forget the gloom and doom. I think along with some of the other sensible and rational things the federal government is doing today, they should enact a new national holiday, April Fool's Day. This holiday could be in honor of all us working fools paying for the bailouts and our ever growing federal government. Have some fun on this newly proposed holiday. Hey, there’s a spider on your ear! :-)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Well, here I am pondering tomorrows Super Bowl XLIII. For those of you who were not forced to take two years of Latin in high school; X=10, L=50, and I=1. The other thing to remember is when when the lesser number is in front of the bigger number you have to subtract and if the lesser number is behind the larger number you have to add. Wow! So.......... it is -10(X) + 50(L) + 1(I) + 1(I) + 1(I) = 43(XLIII). Simple math, right?! What would be so wrong with just calling it "Super Bowl Forty Three"?

Another thing that bothers me is the shortage of chicken wings projected for the Super Bowl Parties! Isn't there some sort of stimulus package for the chicken ranch to get it up? (-; Can't we genetically produce a six wing chicken? I don't really like chicken wings, but I know a lot of people who do and I'm worried about them. What will President Obama do about this national crisis? I certainly hope they don't expect our children to go back to Hawaiian Punch and popcorn. The new generation deserves better!!!

You know the world has really changed recently, not because we have our first black president, but because the Cardinals are in the Super Bowl! Who or what are those Cardinals? That's almost as improbable as the Lions winning their division. Yikes! I am glad to see the Steelers in there again. Now that is a football team. I think they should walk all over the Birdies. Understand though, I also thought the Lions would win half there games this year, so you know I'm a real football expert!
That's about all I have to say about Super Bowl XLIII. If the Steelers aren't kicking butt by half time, it will an early bedtime for me tomorrow.

As a Lions fan all I can say is "Wait till next decade.".

I must be off!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas? 2008

Christmas 2008.
This was a different Christmas to say the least. Many things made it different and almost not real to me. I was in a bit of a funk the whole week of Christmas and still not sure if we even had Christmas.
1. When people asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I actually give them a list. The past few years I would tell them I didn't want anything and ask them to donate what they would spend on me to charity. I realized that a couple of days before Christmas after the presents had been bought. I've felt selfish and disappointed in myself ever since. I'll have to work that out with prayer.
2. My Dad passed away in September, so for the first time in my life I didn't see my Dad on Christmas. What a big hole in our day. Dad was the man, the glue, the strength of our family.
3. Christmas was not in Edgerton. In the last 56 years, it's been in Edgerton every time except maybe twice. It's not normal. I'd better get used to it though since Mom moved to Lakeside. She's still the main one we gather to see.
4. This is the really really good part of this different Christmas. Erica announce that she and Steve would be parents!!!! That means Wade will be an Uncle, Diana will become a grandma and I will become a grandpa!
Wade, Erica and Steve were here for about a week. The time went so fast. I hated to let them leave. When they live so far away, when you say good bye, you say good bye for a while. When they leave, you know you won't see them for a couple of months. It seems to get more depressing every time they leave. You want to be a bigger part of their lives, but that's difficult at best.
I think a lot of my feeling this year are part of my mourning for my Dad. I never really said good bye to him. I never knew how to talk to him unless it was business. That's all he ever wanted to talk about. Now I think about my own mortality. I would like to talk to my kids on their own terms, not mine. I just want to love them and help them when they want my help, not when I think they need my help or advice. I'm sure when winter is over I will feel better. Life has been very good to me. I am very thankful!