Sunday, April 27, 2014

Eleven Perfect Years

I think all Lutterbein's are born to be very competitive.  My dad and his two brothers and his sister were all that way.  I think they had no choice in the matter as It was instilled in them by their mother and father.
That being said they all tried to pass it on to their kids.  I know my dad certainly did.  Even something as simple as having kids with the best attendance records in Sunday School attendance.  I don't know about my sisters, but at one point I had eleven years of perfect attendance.  Do you remember the Sunday Schools pins for attendance?  There was a pin and then little hanging bars or schrools hanging off the pin.  Dad even made us wear them from time to time.  
You might ask, how can you do something like that.  As I remember it was something like this...  1. We weren't allowed to be sick.  2. We never went on vacations.  And 3. Even when we went to or from Grandma Rowe's house on a Sunday morning, he would find a Methodist Church in some town pull over and into Sunday School we would go.  At the time it was terrible.  My sisters and I hated it and I think the only reason we stopped was so when they give the little awards out we would always get/win the attendance awards.  Another victory for the Lutterbein family!
Now let's look at the bright side.  I'm sure going to Sunday School other places didn't hurt us at all.  It was also good for us to meet different people with different ideas and ways of doing things.  Our minds were in some ways opened up and expanded.  Finally it equipped us with the ability to meet and communicate with people we didn't know.  That in itself was worth the torture we felt.  Everywhere I go I easily meet people and love to talk to them with ease.  It's quite a gift form my mom and dad.
No matter how much I may complain I love my whole life.  God has blessed me.  I am very thankful for the Grace of God.