Saturday, September 27, 2014

Grandparents Have Emotions Too.

Our church here in Visalia has had a couple of kids with serious health problems recently.  Two different families.  As I heard about these kids and prayed for them.  I also prayed for the kids parents and grand parents.  You see I have some experience in this area.

Our first child, Brian William Lutterbein was born on October 13th, thirty six years ago.  I still remember the pain and horror of his problems and death two months later.  Everything was wrong with him.  He had no chance of living a long life.

As I remember that time I remember all the support and help we got from my parents and Diana's parents.  At the time I had no thoughts of the pain and hurt they were suffering with and enduring.  At the time I didn't understand that Brian's grandparents had feelings too.  I was thinking of Brian, Diana and myself.

It wasn't until I became a grandparent myself that I realized how emotional it is when a grandson is sick, or is having problems in school and how emotional it can be on a grandparent.  As a parent and grandparent; why can't I fix this thing or at least have the wisdom to say something to make everyone feel better? 

Grandparents are not magic.  They have no control over what happens.  It amazes me now how outwardly calm my parents and in laws were when Brian was slowly dieing.  They were so strong and supportive, but how were they on the inside.  From my experience as a granddad I know they were in a mess inside.  

God gives grandparents the ability to act strong and under control during times of high family stress.  That is a wonderful thing.  God seemed strong and almost cold when his son was crucified for us, but I'll bet he was suffering just like any other father would.  We are made in Gods image.  Through prayer and lifelong praying for others, we parents and grandparents somehow muster the strength to get through bad times.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that when you pray for a sick child, it would be helpful if you also pray for the child's parents and grandparents as well.  Not all prayers are answered the way we might think they should be, but I know prayers are answered.  I have felt and seen the power of prayers from people who have prayed for me.  Please pray for help when you or someone else needs it, but also offer prayers of thanks when good things happen to you through the grace of God.   Prayer helps all the way around.