Thursday, September 22, 2016

Are There Any Joys?

     Last night at the end of choir practice Heather (as always) asked "Are there are any prayer requests?" and then "Are there any joys?".  That is just one reason why I enjoy choir practice.  That just settles me at a bit the end of each Wednesday.
     Well this time when she asked about joys, I blurted out "I parred number five at Exeter!"  Oh the groans from other choir members.  One said we don't pray for golf.  I felt embarrassed.  So, I said  just kidding, don't pray for that joy.  It's just golf.  (The problem with being a jokester/kidder, is that people rarely know when you are serious.)
     I was serious.  In reality it was much more than golf.  It was and is a true joy to me.  Here's why:
     Sixteen months ago I was laying in the hospital with eight newly installed screws and four rods in my lower back.  I didn't know how it all would work out.  I didn't know if I would ever golf again.  The doctor had just told me there was nerve damage in my left foot and I would probably have numbness in it.  Inside I was terrified.  Outside I was optimistic and positive.  I didn't wand Diana or the kids to worry.
     Fifteen months ago I could walk a couple hundred yards with the help of a cane.  I still didn't know if I would ever be able ever golf again.  I asked the doctors assistant about it and he said I probably would be able to golf, but I wasn't allowed to even try until a year after the surgery.
     So.....  Five months ago I went the Exeter Golf Course, joined in with the old men of the church and started by just putting and walking with them.  By then I was walking over two miles every morning at home and feeling pretty good, but still not sure about my back.  From then till now I had to relearn how to golf without the flexibility my back once had and at the same time trying not to hurt my newly repaired back.  It was't easy and isn't easy.
    This Monday I actually felt like a golfer for the first time in a couple of years.  I was swinging freely and felt loose.  So, on hole five, a four hundred yard par four which I have never parred before everything worked.  My drive was straight and went 200 yards.  My second shot was straight and went 180 yards.  My chip shot landed on the green and then I made a 30 foot putt for my par.  I finally felt like a whole human being again!  For the first time in a long time.  That was a joy!  A praise God for healing joy!  
     Fellow choir members, I understand why you thought I was being flippant about expressing joy about one little golf hole, but it had little to do with golf.  It had everything to do with the Grace of God's healing hands on my broken body.  I hope you understand.  I love every one of you.  Not joking either.