Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keith Dewolf Quote

Life may teach us patience and all things in moderation but I suspect we are still the same people we have always been. Logical when we have to be, and impulsive lunatics when the mood strikes us for some fun. - Keith DeWolf

A quote from my old friend. Posted on his Facebook.

He never used to be right, but with improved age, patience and moderation, he is nearly right on this one. :) He knows I used to be an impulsive lunatic, usually with his help and encouragement. When we smell fun, lunacy happens.

with my advancing age and a couple of surgeries my impulses are quite a bit slower. But here's what has to happen, I'm going to have to get younger again so Otis Tootle knows a bit about his grandpa's impulsive lunacy. You're not cool to a child unless you are a little crazy. There are some who say I'm more than a little crazy. True. I guess where I am lacking is just the impulsive part of the equation. I can work on that.

Thanks DeWolf, you've done it again! I'm feeling a little impulsive lunacy coming on. Just in time for the great hillbilly reunion in West Virginia!

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Stephen said...

Don't forget; if it comes in a jar, it is ok to drink.