Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saturday, June 05, 2010

British Petroleum Visionaries (comic)

British Petroleum Visionaries (comic)

I'm usually pro business, but this is getting ridiculous. Didn't they ever suspect this could happen one day? There should have been a plan all ready for such a disaster. It looks as if it's just hit or miss. They keep trying things that don't work as if this is the first day on the job. Come on already.....Get it fixed!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What Does The Crystal Ball Say?

Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball so you would know how to plan things. If I had a crystal ball I could save my customers and my company all kinds time, trouble and money. Just think if we could find out if it is going to rain next Thursday or what the price of OSB will be in 6 months. Wouldn’t that be great! What if we knew in advance about the stock market crash of a few years ago or what if we knew about the recession before it happened; I think we all would have done things differently!
The fact is, we don’t have a crystal ball; they don't really exist. So what’s your point Bill???? My point is we have to just do our best and remember what has happened in the past. History is actually our crystal ball, however it is not accurate as a real crystal ball. So…When customers ask me if this is a good time to build, I always say “Now is the best time to build”. This I know for certain…If you wait till everything is perfect, you’ll never build. Bill Lutterbein