Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Well, here I am pondering tomorrows Super Bowl XLIII. For those of you who were not forced to take two years of Latin in high school; X=10, L=50, and I=1. The other thing to remember is when when the lesser number is in front of the bigger number you have to subtract and if the lesser number is behind the larger number you have to add. Wow! So.......... it is -10(X) + 50(L) + 1(I) + 1(I) + 1(I) = 43(XLIII). Simple math, right?! What would be so wrong with just calling it "Super Bowl Forty Three"?

Another thing that bothers me is the shortage of chicken wings projected for the Super Bowl Parties! Isn't there some sort of stimulus package for the chicken ranch to get it up? (-; Can't we genetically produce a six wing chicken? I don't really like chicken wings, but I know a lot of people who do and I'm worried about them. What will President Obama do about this national crisis? I certainly hope they don't expect our children to go back to Hawaiian Punch and popcorn. The new generation deserves better!!!

You know the world has really changed recently, not because we have our first black president, but because the Cardinals are in the Super Bowl! Who or what are those Cardinals? That's almost as improbable as the Lions winning their division. Yikes! I am glad to see the Steelers in there again. Now that is a football team. I think they should walk all over the Birdies. Understand though, I also thought the Lions would win half there games this year, so you know I'm a real football expert!
That's about all I have to say about Super Bowl XLIII. If the Steelers aren't kicking butt by half time, it will an early bedtime for me tomorrow.

As a Lions fan all I can say is "Wait till next decade.".

I must be off!

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Erica said...

Don't worry about me, dad. I LOVE chicken wings, but what I love more is fried chicken strips covered in wing sauce--a.k.a. boneless buffalo wings. No icky bones to get in the way. I made some from scratch on Sunday (first time frying anything, ever) and they were pretty darn good. :)