Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Burky Reunion 2008

Hello Friends,
The Burky Reunion happened again and was still fun and worth the 894 mile round trip to Helvetia, West Virginia. We took our 86 year old in-laws and had a nice time at the same time. We are happy for their good health.

We left Edgerton on Friday at 7:45 a.m. and arrived at Helvetia, WV around 6:15 that evening. We spent about two hours in Athens Ohio for lunch and a visit to The Donkey coffee shop. The owners were in Cosigner with our son-in-law while he was at OU. Then of course we had to buy a couple of Ohio University tee shirts.

When we got to Helvetia, we couldn't find anyone we knew, so we went searching for Sandy's house by memory from last year and low and behold, we found it first try. Luckily, we drove our little SUV because I would not have tried to drive a car up the steep and rocky driveway. When we got there the fun was happening and dinner was just about ready. Good timing. Great food, some local home made wine made things nearly perfect. We got back to Grandpa Johns around 11:00 p.m.

Saturday we slept in and the had lunch at Norman's cabin. That afternoon we mostly sat around under the trees and talked about the past and what happened to us this last year. These are wonderful times. Old and not so old communicating and relaxing.

Saturday night we went to the Helvetia town hall for a potluck and local music. See an example in the film clip. We call the banjo player BanJovi. He loves to play and has only been playing around 5 years. He is a kidder, so he gets kidded a lot back. Uncle Vernon, the fiddle player has been playing there for 60 plus years. The other two are newer, but both very good musicians. Food, fun, music, love, respect, and acceptance. West Virginia is almost heaven at least for a few days each year.

Sunday we went to the little wood frame country church and praised God for our good fortune and worshiped with friends and family. I might add I knew all three hymns and enjoyed singing out the base part.

After Church, we went back to Grandpa Johns, packed everything up and went to Alvan's house for another potlock and pictures. After that we headed back northwest towards Ohio.

More later