Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fathers Day, Oh Fathers Day.....

This was a strange one for me. The traditional fathers day was gone. Normally we would have gone to my dad's or Diana's dad's for fathers day. My Dad passed away in September. God finally let him go out to play again.

This year we went to Minneapolis to be with my son Wade. We had a wonderful time. We went to a live musical "Savanna or Change", we went to the movie "Up", we went to the Science Museum and saw the Titanic display and movie, we ate at strange restaurants, and we hung out together. It was a great weekend. Thank you Wade.

Erica sent me a mushy fathers day card. Usually she sends me a funny one. I'm all about funny cards, but this year the mushy one was right. I was missing my Dad and needed propped up. I needed to feel the love this year especially. Thank you Erica.

Both my kids showed me the love and respect we like, but don't always feel we deserve. I wasn't the perfect Dad, but did the best I could all things considered. I was impatient, I was selfish, I was always busy at work or golfing. Do you know what's great about time? People forget the bad and remember the good old times. I am so thankful for that.

I was driving back from Cambridge City Indiana yesterday, taking all the small state roads, not the busy ones. I was thinking about how I love to do that. Then it dawned on me.....Dad did that all the time. It brings me joy to drive the road less traveled and see many of the things most people miss. Then when the road I was on crossed US24 I thought right down there is where Reynold Rhemke's daughter used to live. Dad did a lot of work for Reynold and also some for his daughter. I remember riding there with Dad to look at a job we had to bid. I had a really happy day yesterday, I was with Dad again, just for a minute, but he was right there with me, about 20 years ago. He was healthy and vibrant, full of confidence, telling me all about what we were going to do for the Rhemke's. It was so real I even said out load "You won't believe what they are doing to 24 now." , but he was gone already when I looked over to see his reaction.
What a pleasant drive. What a nice memory. What a wonderful fathers day I had. Thank you God for my Father.


Erica said...

I love you, Dad! You are and were a wonderful father and I am thankful for you. I'm glad you got to feel grandpa in the car with you yesterday. Sending hugs.

Carol said...

Bill, your comments brought tears to my eyes. I too remember those drives with Dad. Thanks for the reminders and thanks for putting those memories down to share. Love, Carol