Monday, August 31, 2009

Picures of Otis. Lots of them!

Hi everyone from sunny and cool Edgerton Ohio.
Erica and Steve finally found a smidgen of time to upload the many pictures they have been taking of Otis. With a new baby, time is at a premium and I'm really glad they carved out a bit to share with us. Thanks Erica and Steve.
Diana spoke with Erica last night and all are doing well. Otis had a good weight gain last week and is eating more than before (as expected). He no longer hates his baths; that is a good thing! For the 1st four weeks or so he screamed like crazy whenever he had a bath. We don't know why he had the change in attitude, but they are thankful he did. Otis is also starting to sleep longer now, so the parents are too.
It's wonderful being the Grand Parent of the cutest baby the family has seen in 56 years, 11 months. I just hope he grows up to be as modest as I am.

Just click on the title above to see all the pictures.

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Ruthie said...

cute post, grandpa!