Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day?

I have come to the conclusion that Fathers Day is a joyous day if you are with your children or your father.  I have also discovered that it can be one of the saddest days of the year if you are not with them.  
This morning was pretty hard for me.  My kids live 500 and 2300 miles away from me and my father is no longer alive.  I guess what has made this day especially hard this year is the fact that my mother-in-law is failing health wise.  We recently moved her in with us and have found we can't take care of her and still make the move we plan in August.
We have started talking about a move for her to the nursing home.  With Father's Day this morning and the thought of Irene failing, all the hard memories of Dad in the nursing home slowly going through the process of death are in my head.  I'm having trouble getting those thoughts out of my head.
The thing that helps are the loving notes and comments from my children and Diana.  They have always carried me through my rough times.  This all of a sudden has become one of those times.  As always it will pass quickly.  One thing my dad taught me is that you have to move on and keep your chin up.  Be positive.  Everything will be alright.  You know what, he has always been right.  
I have faith in God and I know things will work out.  God has blessed me beyond what I deserve because he is a forgiving and loving God.  
I am looking forward to tomorrow, because I know it will be a great day.

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