Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A letter to my Dad.

Hi Dad.
I've been thinking about you quite a bit lately. I really miss you when big things happen. Isuppose you already know we've decided to sell the lumber yard. I hope you don't mind too much. When we were deciding, Dennis asked "What do you think John and Dick would do? I said "I don't know about Dick, but you would really buckle down and somehow save the place.". I also said that I don't have the guts for that.

Well we now have a verbal agreement to sell it. We saved it from sure ruin. The company we are selling it to is a good company. They are a family owned small chain from Indiana. It really is a perfect fit. I wish we had the skill and fearless spirit you and Dick had, but we don't.

Thanks for setting everything up for us. We tried, but this recession has been such a long one, we just couldn't make it through. To be honest, I'm relieved it's almost over. Failing is really hard to accept. Now maybe I can do something positive and self fulfilling.

I'm really sorry Dad.

I love you and respect you more than ever, even though you have been gone for a while. You were the biggest man I have ever known.

Love Bill

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Erica said...

I love you, dad!