Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Surgery is coming.

Well after several years of knee pain, I'm finally going to get something done. My Dr. has been telling me at now 54 I'm too young for knee replacement. The pain gets worse every year. Finally now when x-rayed, there is no doubt that I have to have something done. The bone on bone in my right knee is really painful. Luckily there is good cartilage on the outside side of my knee, the bone on bone is on the inside side of my knee (closest to my left knee). This means they can do a partial knee replacement instead of a full replacement. The heal time and pain is much less and the functionality of the knee is much better afterwards. This also means in 10 or 15 years when this wears out, a new total knee will work much better.
I've haven't spent any time in a hospital since I was born and I am quite naturally nervous about the whole thing. I'll also miss two or three weeks of work. I hope they don't realize the place can run without me. Ha Ha!
If you have any good advice, I'd appreciate it.

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