Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's Knee Replacement Time....

Well, it's scheduled. My knee surgery. My right knee will receive a partial replacement next Friday. I just found out the date yesterday. My first thought/reaction was mild panic. I knew it was coming and was anxious for it to happen because of the pain and disability, but to hear an actual date..... I haven't stayed in a hospital since I was born 54 years ago. My heart started to beat fast and I couldn't calm down for about an hour. That was weird. How will I act the actual day of the surgery? I know this is a ho-hum operation for the doctor, but for me this is BIG! Will the pain be a lot more than I have now for a few days, or will it be the same or less. I know when it is all done, there should be no pain to speak of. I'm really looking forward to that day! I first started complaining about the pain five or six years ago. The doctors always said I was too young for knee replacement, but now the bone is rubbing bone, so as my Dr. said, this is a no brainer.
Please pray for the doctor and nurses and for me. Thanks in advance.

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Stephen said...

We can start "Christmas Rugby" as a new family tradition by next year!