Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Edgerton Experience

I'm gging to visit my Dad tonight. It's kind of bittersweet occation. I love my Dad and want to spend time with him, but he has Parkinson's disease and it's hard to see him that way. He was always such a strong and dominate individual all his life. Now he is frail and weak. He is being cared for by my mother and sister and home health care this summer. Next month he will be back in the nursing home in Edgerton. I can't wait to see him. They have called and said he wants to talk to me. We've tried to talk on the phone, but it is really difficult for him to talk on the phone. Someone has to help him hold it to his ear and he doesn't want the help. He'll be 84 tomorrow. Thirty years older than me. It makes me wonder how I'll be in 20 to 30 years and if I'll handle things a well he does. He hasn't nor do I think he will give up. If I end up that way I may.

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