Friday, April 08, 2016


April 6, 2016  1:00 pm Pacific Time

I write in my blog from time to time.  Right now I'm sitting in an airplane somewhere between San Francisco and Minneapolis bored out of my mind and thinking.  Why do I write a blog?  Mmmmm, why DO I write a blog?

Do I have a profound gift for writing?  No.  Do I have special knowledge that no one else has?  No.  Am I  insecure in my place in this world?  Maybe, probably yes.  Do I have unique experiences no one else has had?  Yes.  Am I a unique, slightly crazy, bullshit laden creature who was raised in a lumberyard by a combination of crude construction workers, truck drivers, traveling salesmen and a workoholic father while at the same time learning to be civilized by my mother, grandmother and three sisters?  Yes!  For sure.

O.K.  I am qualified to write a blog.  I just have to be careful not to let facts and settled knowledge get in the way of my opinions and stories.  Nothing in my blog articles are lies or made up stories.  I may not remember things the same way others do and I may embellish a story a bit, but for the most part things are 100% true experiences of mine or just simply my opinion.

Another thing that helps in writing a blog like mine are the influences on my life.  Both the Lutterbein's and the Rowe's had some pretty good story tellers in them.  The most famous one was my Uncle Dick Lutterbein.  He was without a doubt the best story teller I have ever met.  He was funny and imaginable.  I never really knew if he was telling the truth or not, but I loved to listen.  His brothers and sister were not bad either.  My Uncle Frank Rowe is a pretty good story teller as well.  Of course he was a Methodist pastor, so was licensed and trained to tell stories.  I have to believe most of his were true.  My Grandpa Lutterbein actually used to be a public speaker about a hundred years ago.  Here is a picture of his brochure cover.

So, yes I enjoy my self indulging hobby and will continue to write my little blog.  I just hope someone likes it and will leave a comment or share a similar experience they may have had.

To the moon Alice!  


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