Sunday, June 22, 2014

There's A Song In My Heart.

After church this morning a friend of ours motioned us over.  Sally said I've met your daughter, I'd like you to meet my daughter.  She is from Fresno and her name is Katie.  As I shook Katie's hand I began to sing.  Kkkkatie Kkkatie, your the one the only one that I adore........when the Mmmmoon shines over the Cccow shed...........
She and her mom both seemed to enjoy my silliness.  I explained to them that my Dad sang to my Mom all the time when we traveled places.  Many of the songs were love songs.  Mom would sing with dad a lot as well.  My dad truly loved my mom and vice versa. 
It's funny as I get further removed from the lumber business my memories of my dad are more as my dad and less as my boss and later business partner.  For the last forty years of dad's life our relationship was a business one and most of those good memories of him as a father were pushed to the back of my brain.
My sisters probably wondered why I didn't give him more of a break on his little faults.  I think I was pretty hard on him and didn't appreciate him as a dad.  All he would ever talk to me about was business and I just accepted it as the way it was.  Enough of that.
I'm so thankful for my dad and I'm so happy that the memories of dad are surfacing to the top of my mind now.  Tell my why the stars do shine, Tell my why the ivy twines.  Kkkatie Kkkatie.  Bill Grogans Goat.  The horses run around with their feet upon the ground.  There were many more, I just can't think of them right now.  Some one will say something to me and it seems there is always a song that relates to the comment.  
There is a song in my heart.  Thank you dad.

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Genilee Swope Parente said...

beautiful sentiments from a sentimental old guy!

well spoken, Bill