Saturday, March 08, 2014

Soft Shoulder.......

Diana and I drove to the coast yesterday.  On the way back I saw a sign that said "Soft Shoulder".  I said my mom had a soft shoulder.  What? Diana asked.  I said my mom had a soft shoulder.
I remember when we were kids mom and dad would take us to grandma Rowe's house once or twice a year.  It was always a long drive and it was usually after work in the evening or very early in the morning.  
This was before seat belts and car seats.  Once or twice dad would put concrete blocks in the back seat where your feet would go and then put a piece of plywood cut to fit all across the back seat.  That gave us a level floor to play or sleep on.  I think he put some kind of padding on it to make it more comfortable.  Cars were a lot bigger then.  I can remember sleeping in the back window ledge of the car on one of those trips.  I would draw things in the frost that gathered inside the window.  It was pretty cool and a fun place to be.
The very best place late a night was in the front seat with mom and dad.  I still remember the warmth and love mom showed as I leaned against her soft shoulder.  The radio would be playing softly or mom and dad would sing quietly to each other or they would just talk softly to each other.  We were lucky, my sisters and me, to have parents who were so much in love.  We were lucky to have parents who loved us unconditionally as well.  Yes we got spanked from time to time and yes we tried them as much as we could, but the love was always there.
Some days I feel really sad when I think of the way mom is now with her memory pretty much gone, but I will always have my memories.  I think I will tell her about this distant memory when I see her next month.  I love you mom.

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