Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good morning Burky family members,
Diana Lutterbein and Sandy Burky have asked me to e-mail you to let you know Sandy is planning on having the Burky reunion at her place in Pickens on the third Saturday/Sunday in July.  That would be July 21 and 22 for those of us with only ten fingers and ten toes.  :)
Please pass this on to your family members.  I don't have everyone's e-mails.  Randy, please make sure your Mom and brother get this information.  Herman, likewise, please let Alvin know.  Mike, we expect Grand-Pa-Pa to bring his grand daughter so we all can meet her..... oh yeah, you can bring the kid's parents as well.
If you have any questions...............don't ask me.  I don't know anything worth knowing.  Ask Sandy.
Thanks.  Hope to see you all in July.
Stay happy,
Bill Lutterbein

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