Friday, July 02, 2010

Rotatian of the year............

I checked....I've now been in the Edgerton Rotary longer than any other living person with the exception of Roger Strup. I'm a freeking old timer now!!!
Being Rotarian of the year is sort of like the monkey and the type writer. Give a monkey a type writer and sooner or later it will type a word. I've been in so long it's scary. I looked it up; 30 years on July 1st. I've been president twice, Rotarian of the year 3 times, I'm a double Paul Harris Fellow and have been on the board for at least twenty of those 30 years. Well, anyway, I'm glad to have the award and I do work hard for Rotary. I've been blessed by the grace of God and this is just a very small pay back of those blessings. It's my belief that you are not a whole person unless you do something (no matter how small) to help others. Rotary and church are my outlets.

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Erica said...

Congratulations, Dad!