Friday, January 18, 2008

And Life Goes On

Life keeps going, doesn't it?
My in-laws are in their mid 80's now and are in pretty good health. Clair, my father-in -law, had a spell in church the Sunday before Christmas. He passed out for a couple of minutes. We later found it to be caused by his heart medicine. His heart needs to be slowed and it slowed too much. All the Dr. had to do was adjust the quantity of medicine he was taking.
We have been talking to the in-laws for a few years about moving to our town so we could be there in case they need some help. They are finally thinking about it now. The only problem is since the housing market is down so low in Ohio, their house isn't worth what it was a few years ago. Now they would like to sell it and buy a new condo on our street. They were all excited about it until they had their house appraised. The condo price is 25% more than the appraised value of their house. Now what?
We are going to visit them tomorrow and Sunday to talk to them. I don't want to pressure them into something they may not want, but my wife is an only child. Does anyone have any advice for them?
It will all work out I'm sure. I think they can afford it, but I have no idea about their finances. People from that era are very private about money and that is good most of the time. It's really none of my business, but yet it's all of my business. It's hard to advise them, not knowing anything about their finances.
We'll talk things over and life goes on.

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